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Accuride Slides Radiate Safety

For anyone working in laboratories that deal with radioactive materials, radiation wipe tests are a regular part of routine. For most, they happen once a month at a minimum, but they can happen on a more frequent basis (up to approx. 30 000 times per year) depending on the amount of radioactive material used in the nuclear plants. Smear testing can be performed wet or dry across areas 100cm2 or smaller, but can also be carried out across larger areas when more economic monitoring is required. These tests measure the level of surface contamination in the lab, ensuring tables, desks, sideboards and even floors are safe to touch, use or be close to.

Accuride 3832 & 2601 Drawer slides in Nutronic’s Smear Test Instruments, including the NT980, NT900, and the NT170

The measurement of such radiation levels is made simpler and easier with the help of Nutronic, a Swedish company with a vision to create time-saving and user-friendly instrumentation for health physics (also known as radiation protection). Operating since 1996, Nutronic have been offering high-quality radiation protection, clean up, and decontamination services since 2008, including decommissioning services for nuclear facilities.

Included in their wide range of health physics products are Nutronic’s Smear Test Instruments, including the NT980, NT900, and the NT170. All three products perform alpha and beta particle counting of their respective sample types, with a user-friendly software and digital results display. To ensure the sample trays are always operating smoothly and not disturbing the test paper samples, Nutronic sought the help of Liljenberg AB.

Accuride 3832 & 2601 Drawer slides in Nutronic’s Smear Test Instruments

Liljenberg AB have specialized in the supply of solutions for customer-specific input components for over 20 years, giving them an extensive history from which they have grown their expertise. Based in the Swedish locality of Vellinge, Liljenberg appealed to Nutronic as a local company with an expansive knowledge base who could advise them easily when required.

Following Liljenberg’s expert advice, Nutronic decided on two of Accuride’s light duty slides for their range of Smear Test products: the 2601 and the 3832. With respective load ratings of 45kg and 50kg, the 2601 and 3832 also benefit from 100% extension, allowing full access to the testing drawer for the easy placement and removal of samples.

Accuride 2601 Light duty load rating of up to 45kg.

The combination of the hold-in of the 2601 – which prevents drawer roll-out and bounce-back – and its low profile ensures the perfect close every time. The 3832’s front disconnect means the drawer is easy to install, remove, and replace if necessary, and our patented CAM Drawer Adjust system allows for precise vertical adjustments when required.

When precision is of the utmost importance in your career, it is vital to know that every component in your equipment is one that you can trust. If you would like to know how Accuride can help to improve your next project, get in touch with us today to speak to one of our friendly experts.

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