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Accuride heavy duty slides in warehouse upgrade

Häfele UK’s impressive high-bay storage facility at their distribution centre in Rugby has been undergoing constant improvement over its twenty years of expansion.

The balance between stock holding and fast delivery is important and the introduction of a new order consolidator has allowed multi-position, low value orders to be collated and packed with maximum efficiency prior to despatch anywhere in the UK. Using a combination of manual, semi-automated and fully automated high speed cranes also ensures that Häfele can process over 300,000 orders a year.

During the design process for this upgrade to the infrastructure Häfele looked to one of their long-standing hardware suppliers, Accuride International, for an effective sliding solution for the order collection bins.

Load testing is critical for heavy duty slides

Choosing the correct heavy duty slide for this application was absolutely critical. The slides would be working in a busy area, taking varying loads over a long service life. The bins also need to be accessed safely and quickly with the minimum of delay.

Häfele consulted with Justin Roe, Accuride’s UK sales manager, and between them chose the 9301 heavy duty telescopic slide, which has been tested over 10,000 dynamic cycles to 227kg.

Accuride 9301 heavy duty slide carries loads up to 227kg
Close up of 9301 slide used on warehouse bin

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