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Under seat storage

Due to the space constraints underneath a car seat, developing a compact slide that can give full access to the drawer is crucial.

For this project Accuride developed a slim-line (just 19mm), 100mm long telescopic slide that extended more than its actual length.

The slide added a number of benefits to the application, not least was the 100 per cent plus extension, which facilitated full entry to the drawer to provide maximum storage space. Also, made of steel and finished in black, the slides gave a precise, smooth movement and a look that was in-keeping with the renowned quality of this marque.

Finally, with a load capacity of 30kg, the slides could more than accommodate the weight of items normally associated with under seat storage, and a hold-in feature ensured that, once closed, the drawer would not spring open in response to the movement of the car.

The drawer is fitted under the car seat on a compact slide for easy access

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