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The design engineers at Accuride in Diez (Germany) work in flexible teams to design innovative linear motion and telescopic slides for a wide range of applications. To ensure that lines of communication are kept short and to promote exchanges and cooperation, the product designers work together in an open-plan office. All of the workstations are located along a window facade. Meetings take place regularly, including in an integrated, windowless conference room located in the interior of the open-plan office. The conference room was previously merely separated from the rest of the open-plan office by a wall unit, meaning that the noise level rose due to the daily meetings and everyday work of the employees working in the office and visitors, all of which impacted negatively on one another.

As part of our reorganisation of the open-plan office, we wanted to find a good lighting and acoustic solution which would allow natural daylight into the meeting room while, at the same time, deadening the sound in the office, but without substantially altering the size of the space. This therefore excluded the possibility of using a fixed wall as a room divider”, explained Friedhelm Petri, Development and Design Manager at Accuride.


“We opted for a glazed partition wall with a sliding door, and were keen to fit our DA0116RC linear track. This was successfully developed by our design engineers to meet the particular requirements of sliding doors in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England. The track is extremely versatile and is ideal for heavy sliding doors thanks to its load rating.”


Accuride appointed Roßtäuscher, a company specialising in metal and steel construction as well as metalworking, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Accuride, to carry out the work. Measuring 5.30 m long and 2.60 m high, the fixed room divider features a 1.60 m wide sliding door. The frame of the room divider is made of aluminium, while the transparent glass panes are flexibly mounted in the members by means of the dry-glazing method.

Managing Director Frank Roßtäuscher explained: “We had already frequently used Accuride telescopic slides in our projects. These can be used, for example, in a department store application, to move the movable sheet-metal segments of the façade outwards with a motor, in order to extract smoke from the building in the event of a fire. However, the room divider in Accuride’s open-plan office marked the first time that we had installed the linear track DA0116RC. Fitting the track was very simple. We were able to hang the sliding door, a leaf with single-glazed safety glass weighing 80 kg, very easily and without any problems.”


The new room divider blends into the open-plan office at Accuride. Thanks to the glazing, the windowless conference room is now light and inviting. With the aid of Accuride’s linear track, the heavy sliding door can be moved with minimal effort, while simultaneously running smoothly. Dampeners integrated into the track prevent slamming when the sliding door is opened and closed, considerably reducing the noise pollution in the open-plan office.


We have developed an off-the-shelf hardware kit for the linear track DA0116RC, which can be ordered from our distribution partners. Both the track and all the components can be purchased as separate parts for maximum flexibility.


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01 / 03 Accuride Diez Germany 0116RC
02 / 03 Accuride 0116RC heavy duty linear motion slide
03 / 03 Accuride 0116RC heavy duty linear motion slide

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