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03 September 2013

Blog Author: Accuride

What could happen to your business when a disaster strikes?

Over the past few months I have been part of an in-house team looking at our ability to get the company back up to speed in the case of a disaster. We have always had a plan, but we thought that a re-visit couldn’t hurt and wanted...

23 July 2013

Blog Author: Accuride

Prowadnice kulkowe w domu, czyli zrób to sam

Nasze prowadnice kulkowe sa zwykle stosowane na skale przemyslowa. Jednak czasami dochodza nas sluchy o projektach, jakie nasi klienci biznesowi - majsterkowicze wykonali u siebie w domu. Jestesmy z tego niezmiernie zadowoleni -...

23 July 2013

Blog Author: Accuride

Drawer slides – DIY projects for your own home

Usually our drawer slides are sold into large projects – sometimes into cabinetry and sometimes into industrial applications. But occasionally we hear about some DIY projects completed in the homes of our business customers. We...

27 June 2013

Blog Author: Peter Baxter, European sales director, distribution channel

Why manufacturers should love their distribution partners

One of the reasons why Accuride has been such a successful company is the continuing strong relationship with our distribution partners. This sales strategy has allowed us to concentrate on our core business of the innovative design of...

03 June 2013

Blog Author: Jim Armstrong, European sales director, OEM channel

Keeping innovation alive to drive growth

Growing a business during a period of deep global recession has its difficulties. Loss of markets and lack of investment have brought some major brands down, especially in the retail sector. Cutting costs alone won’t save you....

21 May 2013

Blog Author: Accuride

Waste prevention and reduction

The environment has long been a priority for Accuride and over the years we've continued to implement practices to ensure that when we take care of business, we also take care of the environment. There are a number of things Accuride does...

30 April 2013

Blog Author: Peter Baxter, European sales director, distribution channel

Where do I buy a slide and how much will it cost?

Where do I buy a slide and how much will it cost? This will depend on what market sector you work in and the type of application you need the slide for. Slides installed into woodworking applications, like furniture or cabinetry, are...

18 April 2013

Blog Author: Accuride

Data to go – Accuride slide information on your mobile

People now demand internet access from anywhere, at any time. Also, for many people around the world, the mobile phone will be the only means of accessing the internet. According to the latest research, mobile data traffic is expected...

11 March 2013

Blog Author: Peter Baxter, European sales director, distribution channel

Importance of 24/7 support for distribution sales channels

An effective distribution channel is of prime importance to many manufacturers where it is part of the product placement strategy. Therefore, manufacturers using a distribution channel need to take particular care to support that channel...

01 March 2013

Blog Author: Accuride

Telescopic slides are everywhere - from cradle to grave

When people say to me 'What do you do for a living?', and I reply that I market telescopic slides, their response is nearly always - 'What on earth are they?' I try to explain by drawing a parallel between slides and screw fixings - they...