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05 December 2016

Blog Author: Accuride

The importance of retail store design in an e-commerce world

Tablets are becoming more powerful, TVs are becoming more advanced and we are able to access a myriad of applications straight from our mobile phone. In a world where the easiest way to communicate with a target market is through a smart...

03 November 2016

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, EMEA Marketing Manager

Interactive and connected kitchen appliances- changing the way we live?

As kitchen technology advances and revolutionary products are being introduced to our homes the way modern families cook is adapting at a rapid pace. These products have the capability to talk to each other and they can interact with our...

03 October 2016

Blog Author: Accuride

More movies please – the use of product animation online

We have noticed that more and more people prefer to watch a movie of how our products work. Understanding some of the technical elements and functions of telescopic and linear slides becomes so much easier when they are illustrated and...

18 July 2016

Blog Author: Accuride

Driverless cars: impact on design and driver

No longer a futuristic luxury, driverless cars are now very much a thing of the present. With companies such as Mercedes, Bentley and Tesla all introducing their concepts to the public, automotive design is changing at a rapid pace. A...

04 April 2016

Blog Author: Accuride

Hiding a kitchen behind sliding doors is simple.

I’m designing a kitchen in a studio flat and want to hide the kitchen behind tall doors. Any suggestions on the type of sliding door hardware I can use? Using tall sliding doors in kitchen installations is becoming very popular...

16 March 2016

Blog Author: Accuride

Can an Accuride full-extension drawer slide be used as a flat mounted slide?

Some full-extension (100% travel) slides can be flat (horizontally) mounted, but there will be a reduction in their load bearing capacity. Typically this will reduce to 25% of the side mounted load rating. For example, if we state that a...

03 February 2016

Blog Author: Accuride

Two-way travel slides

Normally you would expect a telescopic slide to move in only one direction. For example, a drawer is usually opened from just one side. But a 2-way travel slide allows that drawer to be opened from both the front and the back of the...

17 November 2015

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, EMEA Marketing Manager

Our Polish industrial distributor Albeco has been steadily growing and spreading its wings into a brand new building to facilitate improved services for their clients.

I went to see them on a crisp November morning in Poznan and chatted to their Product Manager, Radoslaw Berlowski, who told me about the latest happenings in their company and in the Polish industry generally. What stage are you at with...

07 October 2015

Blog Author: Accuride

I want to add a keyboard shelf to my desk – any suggestions?

If you want to add a retracting keyboard shelf beneath a desk then the 2109 slide is an obvious choice. The 2109 slide comes with height adjustable brackets that fix to the underside of the desk. Optional clip on brackets (633xx) can...

08 September 2015

Blog Author: Accuride

Ask our slide experts about your telescopic or linear slide problem

We receive all sorts of questions about slides and we will continue to publish them, with our answers, on the Accuride blog. We hope that these answers will be useful to you, but if there is a question that we haven’t covered,...