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02 January 2018

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, EMEA Marketing Manager

Designing the ideal office of the future

How advances in technology change the way we work Office design is moving into a new era with advances in technologies, improved ergonomic furniture and strategic lighting replacing the tired and often boring offices of the past. But as...

23 November 2017

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, EMEA Marketing Manager

Care Home or Care at Home?

This question can be a tough reality for millions of families around the world when elderly or vulnerable relatives reach the stage where they need extra care. Making a decision can be a long and difficult process as families weigh up the...

26 October 2017

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, EMEA Marketing Manager

How virtual reality is changing the way in which we connect with the real world

Advances in technology are speeding up at an incredible rate Technology is evolving faster than it ever has before. 40 years ago, ‘computer’ was not a household word. Since the turn of the millennium, phones have evolved from...

12 September 2017

Blog Author: Philipp Krebs, Project Business Development Manager

Electrically opened centre console storage - a new level of luxury in cars

Since 1999 Accuride has been supplying millions of sliding systems for automotive centre console armrests. Because the interior designs of our automotive OEM customers evolve, Accuride has been continuously adding features to our slides....

03 August 2017

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, EMEA Marketing Manager

Design for small living spaces

The need for more homes is becoming an issue of growing concern across the UK. It is estimated that over 250,000 homes are needed each year in the UK alone to keep up with this demand. Because of this, developers are under more pressure to...

29 June 2017

Blog Author: Accuride

We ask an Accuride engineer why and how the friction guides have been designed

The friction guides have been designed in-house by Accuride’s product engineering group. David Brooks is one of Accuride’s product design engineers based in the Northampton office responsible for this range of guides. We...

12 May 2017

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, EMEA Marketing Manager

Is the natural world influencing the design of the next generation of electric vehicles?

In the last 10 years, electric cars have come a long way; they were once only thought of as transport for those who rejected practicality for the status of owning a fully electric car. Back in 2007, electric car pioneers, Tesla Motors...

24 March 2017

Blog Author: Accuride

Rising oil prices and climate change drive efficient aircraft design

The aviation industry has enjoyed a boom in growth over the last three years as fuel prices have steadily dropped. This has meant that passengers have been enjoying low fares to their favourite destinations. However, OPEC, the...

13 February 2017

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, EMEA Marketing Manager

New challenges

The start of the year often brings changes and new (year) resolutions with one door closing, while another one is opening. After 40 years of loyal service, our Distribution Engineering Manager, John Whittlesea, decided to “hang up...

10 January 2017

Blog Author: Peter Bayles, European director of engineering

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) - impact on design, faster production and use of new materials

3D printing technology looks likely to revolutionise manufacturing and move industries into a new age of efficiency. A significant reduction in prices for 3D printers and materials has opened up the technology to many smaller businesses,...