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16 December 2019

Blog Author: Jochen Bendel, Sales Manager Automotive Europe

The Future of Transport with Autonomous Vehicles and Accuride

The concept of autonomous vehicles will likely still seem strange and futuristic to many people, but for those in the know, it’s already happening and has been for many years. Basic level 1 autonomous vehicles have been on the...

10 December 2019

Blog Author: Stefan Herchenreder, Technical support manager

Grade 316 Stainless Steel: Everything You Need to Know

Stainless steel has multiple everyday applications, from car parts and architectural features to medical sterilisers and saucepans, with different grades of steel offering different features and benefits. There are dozens of different...

31 October 2019

Blog Author: Peter Bayles, European director of engineering

Going Inside Electric Vehicles with Accuride

The electric vehicles have greatly influenced the automotive industry in recent years, with every major manufacturer releasing an electric model to contribute to the push towards greener driving. In just the seven years between 2011 and...

23 September 2019

Blog Author: Heidi Hamraoui, Distribution Sales

The Importance of Server Racks and Enclosures

Even before digitalisation started to touch most aspects of our lives, servers and network equipment have been an integral part of the infrastructure of businesses. Servers store data and carry shared information to users, providing access...

23 September 2019

Blog Author: Peter Bayles, European director of engineering

Mounting Accuride Drawer Slides for Maximum Performance and Efficiency

When installing and mounting our drawer slides, whether in a simple desk drawer or complex storage system, accuracy and precision are key to getting the best out of your product. Through multiple rounds of rigorous testing, we have found...

03 September 2019

Blog Author: Michael Raudies, Appliance Business Development Specialist

Accuride Innovates Telescopic Slides Suitable For Microwaves

This time last year, we launched a pyrolytic oven-compatible slide to provide our customers with the most suitable product as they kept up to date on the latest cooking technology. Our version removed the risk of harmful toxins being...

22 August 2019

Blog Author: Peter Bayles, European director of engineering

Accuride’s Engineering & Quality Expertise

The core competencies upon which we have developed and maintained Accuride’s great quality can be categorised into two groups: Know-How, which provides the technical expertise and knowledge that creates long-lasting engineered...

06 August 2019

Blog Author: Heidi Hamraoui, Distribution Sales

Product Round-Up: Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

From van conversions to industrial storage units, and cruise ship sofa beds to hotel wine storage, our heavy-duty slides have been used in a wide variety of applications all around the world. With load ratings that vary from 100kg to...

09 July 2019

Blog Author: Peter Baxter, European sales director, distribution channel

Choosing The Right Linear Guide For Your Project

From updating your kitchen drawers to installing an on-the-go home system in a camper van, any project that involves linear motion guides is going to be one that requires the utmost accuracy, precision and an understanding of the...

30 June 2019

Blog Author: Steve Davis, Sales Manager - Northern Europe

Product Roundup: Two-Way Travel Slides

Have you ever been at the bank to make a deposit and found that the compartment you’ve put your cash in then slides to the teller on the other side of the counter? Or perhaps you’ve been at the post office to send off a parcel...