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9300/7957 Slide Family – Everything You Need to Know

Within numerous industries, including transport, industrial and domestic furniture, there is a need for reliable and durable heavy-duty drawer slides across a number of applications. For many companies within these industries and more, the Accuride 9300/7957 slide family has provided the perfect solution for their requirements, thanks to its versatility and wide-ranging capabilities.

The original 9301 slide is a full-extension, heavy-duty telescopic drawer slide. It has a load rating of up to 272kg and is available in lengths up to 1.5m, meaning it is ideal for use in large and demanding applications. This 19.1mm thick slide is reinforced with shock-absorbing ball retainers, making it a gentle giant that moves smoothly and quietly even after frequent use.

Similar to the standard 9301, the DP9301 is a heavy-duty, full-extension drawer slide with a load rating of up to 272kg and a thickness of 19.1mm. This slide however, is corrosion resistant for up to 500 hours, using food-grade grease that ensures it can be used in a large variety of applications. Stainless steel ball bearings within the slide system guarantee long-lasting smooth and reliable motion.

While we pride ourselves on the safety of every single slide we produce at Accuride, the 9308 drawer slide takes this to the next level. In addition to a 227kg load rating and 100% extension, making it easy to access a drawer’s full contents, the 9308 has both a lock-in and lock-out feature controlled using a front lever release. These heavy-duty, self-locking drawer slides are perfect for use in industrial applications, as well as emergency vehicles, as they can be locked in while the vehicle is in motion, and locked out when the drawer is in use.

The final slide in this family is the 7957 heavy-duty drawer slide. This slide has a slightly lower load-rating of up to 160kg, however it is suitable for drawers up to 1000mm wide making it perfect for larger heavy-duty applications like sofa beds and retail display cabinets. The 7957 slide also has a front disconnect allowing for drawers to be fully removed and replaced when necessary, as well as making assembly and installation simple and easy for even the largest applications.

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All four slides within this slide family are suitable for use with the 634xx bracket. This unhanded platform bracket provides a wide range of installation possibilities for these slides, including four flat mounting options and two side mounting options, further increasing their versatility.


From the smallest application to the largest, bottom mount locking drawer slides to full extension runners, if you are looking for heavy-duty drawer slides the Accuride 9300/7957 family is sure to have the perfect option for you. To find out more about our full range of slides, or to discuss your specific requirements, give us a call today!

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