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Is 1432 the right pocket door slide for you?

As house prices continue to rise, an increasing number of people are living in small apartments and studios where storage space is kept to a minimum and one room may have multiple uses. Because of this, pocket doors are becoming more and more popular due to their versatility and space-saving functions, allowing users to combine storage and counter space that can be discreetly hidden away when not in use.


At Accuride, we offer a wide selection of pocket door slides, designed to provide smooth motion within a system that is easy to both install and use. Every slide we supply has its own benefits and features, and it is therefore crucial that you find the best pocket door slide for your requirements.

Our 1432 pocket door slide uses Accuride’s advanced synchronised cable system to keep doors straight and eliminate racking when moved, making it ideal for use with tall doors up to 2300mm high. It can also support door weights of up to 34kg, with thicknesses of 19-32mm and widths of 255-660mm.


When the pocket doors are closed, the 1432 slide has a partial side overlay. For a slide that offers full overlay, take a look at our 1321 slide.


The 1432 pocket door slide is suitable for a variety of applications in both residential and corporate settings. In kitchens, pocket doors can provide a stylish solution to hiding food preparation and storage areas when they are not being used. In hotels, they can create versatile spaces used for both dining and conferences, while offices can use them to help close off and open up cubicles.


Before purchasing your 1432 slide (additional hinges and hinge carrier strips to be ordered seperately), or any of our pocket doors slides, always refer to the datasheet to make sure it is the right slide for your needs. When installing your slides, take a look at our installation guide and user-friendly installation video.


To find out more about 1432 or to discover which pocket door slide is right for you, get in touch today to speak to one of our experts.


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