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As more people take to the city for their careers, space has become substantially valuable. This has led to an increase in rent, which contrasts with the decrease seen in the size of apartments, meaning that people could now be paying more for less room, just because of their postcode. At the same time, smart and clutter-free living is on the rise, with homeowners and renters alike becoming more aware of the accumulation of ‘stuff’ that can appear in the background while we’re all busy living.



In terms of the home, smart living comes with a new way of looking at storage and making the space you do have as cost-effective as possible. For example, a clever use of vertical space can provide a multitude of storage options, without taking up valuable floor space. An alternative version of this could be using shelving units as room or area dividers, providing vertical storage and the option to create two separate spaces within one room.


Another way to add more storage to your home without taking up more space is to adapt what you already have. Don’t have enough room in your kitchen cupboards for all of your ambient goods? Why not take on a DIY project and build some roll-out shelving units? This clever guide shows you exactly how to add extra storage space to your cupboards, and the drawer slides underneath make them even more accessible than just a standard cupboard. Accuride’s 2642 slide would be perfect for this kind of project, with full-extension and a load rating of up to 45kg. These slides also have a hold-in feature, meaning they will only move when you want them to.



Sliding doors, as opposed to hinged ones, will save valuable space and add elegance to your home or office. Whether you use them on every door, on your wardrobes, or to hide a private room or office, sliding doors have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Accuride has also several heavy-duty slides in a variety of load ratings and styles, including the 0116RC, which comes with sliding door hardware for large and heavy doors. This system also won an award for Design Innovation for Quality Improvement.



When it comes to the office space, having multifunctional desk spaces could provide an answer. Accuride’s DBLIFT-0019 slide was used by the Hungarian Competition Authority during a restoration of its historic building, originally built in 1869. The mechanical lifts were installed so that computer screens could be lowered into the desk tops when out of use. This sort of technology could be installed in offices that do not have set desk spaces, allowing desks to be used in the most appropriate way for each employee.


A similar technique can also be used for TV screens. This could be used in the home to create a multifunctional living space which can have a TV, that can be hidden away, depending on the requirements for the room. This could also be used in the office, making the screen available when needed for presentations, and keeping it hidden when it is not.



Whether it’s in the home or in the office, Accuride’s slides can be used in a variety of ways to help improve functionality in smaller spaces and promote smarter living. If you are interested in learning more about how our slides can be incorporated into interior design projects, please contact us today.