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Motorised Slides Are Driving the Future of Automation Forward

Motors offer excellent control over movement and speed, which makes them the perfect components for automated equipment and products. With the Internet of Things making our lives and homes more connected than ever, so many of our day-to-day activities have become automated or technologically-assisted and therefore motor driven linear slides are being used more often.


Our homes are becoming more technological with every year that passes. Tech companies are developing new gadgets and systems designed to make our lives easier, such as blinds that can be programmed to adjust throughout the day according to a personal schedule. Hunter Douglas has created PowerView Motorization, a programme that allows you to design a schedule for your blinds, from rising in the morning to wake up the house, to lowering for some evening privacy without having to touch them at all.

Motorised linear slides can be further utilized to bring more power to a room with motorised pop up power sockets. Built directly into the countertop in your kitchen or bathroom, this clever device gives you more power sockets for your electrical devices when you need them, and hides them away when you don’t. Pop up power sockets can, additionally, be installed into a living room side table for those nights when the whole family wants to charge their devices while spending time in the same room.

Alternatively, TV beds are perfect for those nights when you want to snuggle up in the comfort of your own bed and watch your favourite film or catch up on that latest series. Companies like have mastered the combination of sleek, modern designs and comfort for such nights as these. Fitted onto a lift mechanism, the screen is installed into the footboard of a frame and can be operated via remote, or through a system built directly into the bed.

Staying in the home, motor driven slides have been used to optimise space. A great example of this comes in the form of this sliding worktop frame which allows a kitchen island to become a breakfast bar. Designed by the interior upscaling company Box15, the SNACK Motorised Slide Out Breakfast Bar is one of two motor-driven models that ingeniously saves space when not in use.

Motorised slides aren’t only being used to make the little things in the home easier or save space; they’re also being utilized to increase privacy. Italian company Linvisible design and install motorised concealed doors that glide open at the touch of a button or flick of a switch. Hide away your private relaxation space, your bathroom, or maybe even your wine collection.

Accessibility has benefitted greatly from automation and motor driven linear slides. Automotive manufacturers, such as Ford Mobility Motoring, have developed adaptive equipment to help make their vehicles more accessible. One such addition is their range of Power Assist Seats, which consists of a Rotating seat system, a Rotating and Lift system, and an Under Floor Lift System, the latter of which benefits from the motorized movement. The Under Floor Lift Seat allows easier access to vehicles without having to make any modifications to the car itself, providing a discreet seat at a height suitable for the passenger, that rises up to the height of the car seat.

Motor-driven motion slides have proved a valuable addition to the filmmaking industry as well. Companies such as Dynamic Perception and Rhino have created motorised sliders to provide the smoothest movement to panning shots during video capture. Stability is incredibly important when filming, and so these sliders are key for adding production value to films. The motor allows the movement to be set at different speeds, which help to create a gradual panning effect or, when used in slow motion, can give illusions of time passing faster in long-exposure shots.

At Accuride, we are known for our precision motion slides, but we are also capable of creating the motorised systems that keep your products moving. If you are interested in finding out more information, or want to know how Accuride can help your specific requirements and applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As automation becomes more widespread throughout homes and communal spaces, what would you want to see become automated to help you throughout your day?

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