Product development

Our years of experience across a variety of markets and industries have allowed us to develop an extensive range of off-the-shelf and bespoke sliding solutions.

We also recognise the importance of new and developing demands, and we delight in the opportunity to create new products and applications to meet our customers’ requirements. We’ve worked hard to establish long-lasting relationships across multiple industries, including the automotive industry and high-end domestic appliances in the white goods industry.

Our ball bearing slides have been used in a range of innovative applications, from pyrolytic ovens to new glove box drawers, and were even used in a Champagne celebration marking 800 years of Reims’s Cathedral.

At our Accuride Europe offices, we have implemented Scrum as part of our working processes to make sure that we are working at the level of efficiency we know our clients expect. Scrum is now defined as a simple framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. The daily scrum allows us to quickly get members of the team together to discuss progress and outline any areas for improvement.

Expert Slide Design

About our production development process, our European Sales Director Jim Armstrong says: “We put together groups with people from both sales and engineering to work on projects for customers.” Our aim is to ‘take the pain away from customers’ by solving their problems for them. Our innovative technology allows us to create bespoke sliding systems for our clients, and we are dedicated to ensuring we create the optimal solution for them.

We know how essential our customer’s input is in the early stages of product development, and so we work to maintain a constant connection. We conduct regular evaluations at every stage of production in order to assess and highlight any cost-saving modifications to our sliding systems and applications designs. Accuride has a full suite of tools available to ensure that the final product always meets the customer’s brief to the best possible quality.

Automotive Industry

As a development partner and Tier 2 supplier of automotive sliding systems, Accuride’s ball bearing slide technology is now built into millions of cars. Many leading brands, including Aston Martin, Audi, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, Porsche and BMW, have chosen Accuride as their supplier for ball bearing sliding solutions. These solutions include armrests, seat adjustment, loading platforms, and under-seat and glove box storage systems.

Features of our sliding solutions include:

  • Smooth, reliable precision movement
  • A range of movements from linear to over-travel
  • Self-closing to ensure conveyances are completely closed
  • Safety detents in both open and closed positions
  • Positive stops to prevent accidental disconnect

Kitchen Appliances

Accuride has enjoyed considerable success in designing ball bearing slides for the high-end domestic appliance industry. Our heavy-duty drawer slides and soft-close drawer runners are among our slides that add an extra dimension of fluidity and ease-of-use to increase the overall impression of quality and desirability.

Using a combination of sophisticated engineering and carefully chosen materials, our sliding systems are able to deal with extreme temperatures and wet environments. We can design and manufacture bespoke slides for all kinds of domestic appliances across a range of applications, including ovens and warming drawers, refrigerators and freezers, wine coolers, washing machines, dishwashers, and cooking extractor hoods.

Milestone System

At Accuride, we employ a milestone system in our product development. This well-established and proven system gives us a robust methodology to bring new products onto the market.

Design Specification

A statement of how a design is made, its intended purpose and how well it complies with the requirements. The aim is to ensure that subsequent design and development meet the customer’s requirements.

Concept Phase

The initial macro design that demonstrates what problems the product will solve and how it will do so. This allows us to consider every idea we have and all of their possibilities. Here lives the very soul of innovation.

Design Phase

CAD tools are now introduced into the process as we build mathematically-accurate virtual models. This allows us to assess the technical feasibility of the product before we go into construction.

Tooling Approval

Before we begin constructing our products, we assess which processes will be required. We ensure these processes will produce optimal results by analysing new and revised methods through disciplined reviews.

Pilot Build Phase

Smaller scale production allows us to observe the manufacturing process and make any last-minute adjustments to ensure the best results for our clients.

Production Phase

Once our engineers are completely happy with the manufacturing process, we will begin full-scale manufacture, with all components and/or modules assembled by our expert teams.

Post-Audit Review

An impartial audit lets us analyse whether or not the developed product/s have met the customer’s brief as the optimal solution.

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