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Accuride drawer slides: a history of innovations

It all started, way back in 1962...

Accuride started as a small tool and die shop in South Gate, California, producing top-quality telescopic slides for tape drives and copy machines. Our founder - Fred Jordan - identified a market eager for increasingly precise products and soon the company expanded to a 3700 m2 facility in Santa Fe Springs, California.

In the late 1960s the company developed a range of drawer slides for metal office furniture. The company's designers also turned their attention to the wood furniture market, developing cabinet slides with features such as breathing tabs, to absorb tolerances in wood products.

During the 1970s Accuride started designing and manufacturing drawer slides in the UK, Germany and Japan.

Ten years later, in the 80s, we opened a purpose-built manufacturing plant in the UK.

During the 1990s the European distribution programme, Quick Ship, opened with a core range of 50 part numbers – eventually to grow to the current level of over 1,000 part numbers ready to be shipped across Europe.

In 1997 Accuride developed the mechanism for the first sliding armrest introduced in a car.

During 2006 the company opened their first manufacturing plant in China to serve the local markets and to establish total global coverage.

Some facts about Accuride

  • After 50 years in business, Accuride is still privately owned
  • Accuride was the first U.S. based drawer slide manufacturer awarded ISO 9000 certification
  • We have more than 92,903 m2 of manufacturing space around the world
  • Accuride plates over 6,970,260 m2 of material per year (and is the largest zinc plater in the world)
  • We purchase more than 45,359,237 kilograms of steel per year

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