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How to choose a slide for flat (horizontal) mounting

Author: John Whittlesea, Technical support manager

9th Apr 2013

We are often asked the question – which of Accuride’s slide can be flat mounted (horizontal)? It is an important question since not all slides work well in this orientation.

If you’re not sure about any of the technical details then email a question.

Most ball bearing telescopic slides are designed to be mounted in pairs vertically, on the sides of drawers or the moving unit.

There are some slides that can be mounted flat beneath the moving unit.

If slides are mounted horizontally (flat mount) the load rating is decreased to approximately 25% of the vertical load rating. Some slides may have a lower or higher percentage.

Look at the individual product datasheets or in the e-catalogue for this symbol:

Linear slides such as the 1312 and 0115RS perform better when flat mounted because the moving member is fully supported on ball bearings at all times.

The DA0115RC uses re-circulating ball carriages and is ideally suited for this orientation of mounting; see the datasheet for details of load ratings.

Mounting slides in different configurations will affect performance and load rating and we always recommend that you test the slide in the intended application.

Some slides should not be flat mounted

Accuride has many years of experience in designing, testing and using telescopic slides. From this experience we have learnt that some slide profiles are just not suited to being used in the horizontal plane (flat mounted).

Problems can arise with deflection, especially with heavy loads on longer lengths, and with interference between the slide components, which can cause sliding components to grind together where clearances are minimal.

Some ranges have been designed, for example, with minimal wrap on the intermediate member (IMM), or the shape of the outer member (OM) has a flatter shape allowing lateral movement when flat mounted.

These cross sections have no problem handling loads in vertical/side applications, but when used flat, the members and ball retainer could easily disengage from the mating members, or grind / rub together.

Slides suitable for flat (horizontal mounting)
Model Side mounted max. kg* Flat mounted max kg*
0115RC DA see datasheet see datasheet
0115RS 50 60
0201 50 12.5
0204 65 16.25
0301 70 17.5
0305 70 17.5
0305 DS 70 17.5
0330 DS (80,000 cycles) 65 16.25
0330 DS (10,000 cycles) 80 20
1312 50 60
2026 50 12.5
2028 DS (80,000 cycles) 60 15
2028 DS (10,000 cycles) 65 16.25
2728 DS 20 5
3031 DS 80 20
3301 68 17
3307 68 17
3308 68 17
3507 82 20.5
4120 DA (10,000 cycles) 438 219
4120 DA (5,000 cycles) 550 275
5417 (80,000 cycles) 90 22.5
5417 (10,000 cycles) 100 25
7957 160 40
9301 227 45

* Load ratings quoted are the maximum for a pair of slides installed 450mm apart, unless otherwise stated. Load ratings will change according to the length of the slides. See individual datasheets for details.

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