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When you don’t want a telescopic slide that has a disconnect feature

Author: John Whittlesea, Technical support manager

23rd Jun 2014

A slide with a disconnect feature is extremely useful. It allows the drawer member to be separated from the rest of slide.

This has benefits both for the assembly of the application and also for the end user. First it means that you can take the drawer member and mount it to the moving part of the application – such as a drawer, possibly in a separate part of the manufacturer’s facility. The remainder of the slide, commonly the cabinet and intermediate member, can be fixed into the cabinet. It is then a simple matter of bringing the two parts of the application back together and assembling the moving element into the cabinet, making the slide fitting and installation very easy.

Secondly, while in use, the drawer / moving element can be easily removed for maintenance, cleaning or replacement, etc. and then reinserted.

drawer slide with disconnect

However, there are times when you either don’t want this disconnect feature or you have some procedure in place to ensure the safety of the user.

Imagine mounting a heavy piece of equipment (this is where our heavy duty slides come in) on a slide such as the 9301. With a heavy load you would not want a slide that disconnected. The last thing you need is a slide that can come apart and dump the equipment on your feet.

Also, if you are mounting something that is very wide and / or heavy, you must consider the health and safety aspects of disconnection. It is likely that you will not be able to release both of the disconnect levers and easily hold the application with both hands.

Where a medium duty slide with disconnect, such as our 3657 series (up to 124 kg) is used, you should have procedures in place to ensure the safe disconnection of heavier loads. Or simply choose non-disconnect slides. You would find it impossible to hold a fully loaded drawer in position to re-assemble the separated slide members. It is always best to factor in a two-person or mechanical procedure to assemble and disconnect the moving element of an application, especially if the full load is applied.

If in any doubt you can contact your local Accuride distributor or email our Technical Manager with your questions.


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