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6th May 2014

A hold-out, or detent out feature does exactly this; it holds the slide out in the fully opened position.

But, it is not locked in this position. To overcome the hold you need to provide an additional force to the slide, by pushing firmly, and it will overcome the feature and move inward.

This is a useful feature for slides used on keyboard shelves, for example.

Keyboard slide with hold-out detent

A lock out feature on a slide will be a physical lever or latch that has to be operated before the slide will move. For example, the 9308 has a lever at the front end and the 0305 has a push latch toward the centre of the slide mechanism.

Slides with lock-out are more usually used to support equipment that needs to be held fully open and static during maintenance, for example.

telescopic slide with lock-out

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