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I want to replace the cabinet slides in my wooden drawer

Author: John Whittlesea, Technical support manager

22nd Nov 2013

We are often asked questions about replacing or installing cabinet slides. Most of the queries are about home projects for wooden cabinets or kitchen drawers.

So here are a few tips that we hope will help...

If you want to replace some old slides or upgrade your rollers to ball bearing slides then there some basic things that you need to know:

  1. What load will the drawer need to hold (include the weight of the drawer)
  2. What travel do you want? This is the amount that the drawer will open. Do you need to get right to the back of the drawer or will a 75% opening be OK?
  3. How much side space is available? This is the space between the inside of the cabinet and the drawer. You need to select a slide that will fit correctly in this space. Read more here.
  4. Slide length. We recommend that you use the longest slide that will fit .
  5. Width of drawer. Read more about fitting drawer slides to wide drawers here.

Selecting the right cabinet slide for your project

Once you know the answers to these questions you can go to the Accuride slide selector and work out which slides will be the most suitable.

For example, let’s put some answers in and see if we can work out which cabinet slide to use.

  1. Load – no more than 40kg
  2. Travel – at least 100%
  3. Side space - 13mm
  4. Slide length - 450mm
  5. Drawer width - 400mm

Cabinet slide features – available options

Now consider if you want a disconnect feature, hold-in, a self-closing slide – there are lots of options, so take your time and think about how often you use the drawer and which features will be of real benefit.

Many people now ask for a soft-close drawer. Accuride sells several versions depending on the drawer weight and width. Search for slide ranges with an EC suffix.

Watch our videos to see what these features do:


If in any doubt you can contact your local Accuride distributor or email our Technical Manager with your questions.

Download our slide selection guide pdf


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