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Space saving cash drawers

Dean Heckler, of Heckler Design, started out designing technology-oriented furniture beginning with space-saving desks (OneLess™Desk) and accessories.

The next project was to tackle the shopping experience and replace conventional POS terminals and cash drawers.

Looking to save counter space and still deliver a sleek and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the traditional register, Heckler Design needed to source a reliable but very short slide for the cash drawer unit.

They chose Accuride’s 3832 cabinet drawer slide with full extension – giving full access to the drawer contents – in lengths 15cm and 20cm.

The resulting WindFall cash drawer has been designed as a manual or automatic drawer and to hold an iPad. These units are perfect for pop-up shops and in stylish retail locations. The innovative space saving till layout is compatible with a range of currencies including US, Canadian and Australian dollars, and Euros.

For more information on the cash drawer and complementary WindFall accessories go to www.hecklerdesign.com.

Photos courtesy of Heckler Design

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