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Ball bearing slides in limited edition Champagne presentation

In 2011 Reims celebrated 800 years of its Cathedral’s history with six months of festivities.

As part of their support of the celebrations, the famous Champagne house Taittinger released a very limited edition, just 100 bottles, of its 2000 Comtes de Champagne prestige cuvée.

Taking the theme of this historic building, each of the bottles was presented in its own case crafted from stone used in the refurbishment of the monument, with proceeds going towards the upkeep of this historic Cathedral.

Each stone case was designed with a glass window and enclosed in an oak box.

Safe movement with ball bearing slides

The complete presentation pack weighed in at a huge 30kg, making handling a safety issue. As part of this innovative design, a pair of Accuride’s 2431 ball bearing slides was mounted beneath each plinth to facilitate a smooth movement during access. Wheels at the front of the plinth gave additional support for stability.

The DZ2431-0030 has a very small profile of 20 x 16mm, making it easy to hide within the design. This slide has full extension, which offered good access to the stone box inside the wooden case.

Accuride says ‘Cheers’ to any lucky person receiving one of these Methusalem bottles.

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