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Sliding doors use heavy duty telescopic slides

A Paris hospital, Fondation Rothschild, needed a practical solution to hang sliding doors to solve a patient handling problem.

Traditionally the doors hang from a top rail and move on rollers. However, ceiling hoist tracks had been installed across the door openings to support patients while moving them from the corridors to the bed. The hospital still needed sliding doors that comply with legislation and stand up to heavy usage and abuse, but that could be mounted on the walls either side of the door opening.

Heavy duty telescopic slides with white coating

Accuride’s distribution partner in France, Legallais, recommended the heavy duty 9301 telescopic slide at 915mm long and with a white coating. Two slides were fitted to each door, one at the top to take the door weight and one at the bottom as a guide.

This is an unusual application for a telescopic slide, but one that solves the hospital’s access problems easily and with little fuss.

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