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Peter Baxter

What’s the difference between ball bearing slides used for industrial and woodworking projects?

Author: Peter Baxter, European sales director, distribution channel

5th Sep 2016

Accuride slides are typically used across many industries and applications and it doesn’t really matter if these are industrial or woodworking projects.

However, we sometimes design slides specifically for an application and this is mainly when we are manufacturing bespoke slides.

Some of our slides are more suited to one type of industry, for example, very heavy duty slides with shock blocks are used where vibration could be an issue, or some very thin slides are made for use in electronic servers.

Some of the features incorporated into the slides will pre-select where they will be used. The DS5322 series and the DZ0522 series have very specific mounting features, as do the slide series with bayonet mountings. These features dictate the type of application and their suitability for mounting in steel applications, etc.

The majority of our slides are multi-purpose and have been tested to different cycle rates.

Lower cycle rates and higher load rate are more indicative of industrial applications and higher cycle rates and lower load rates are indicative of woodworking applications. These ratings are all shown on the datasheets within our catalogue.

20th Jun 2016

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked, is “can you identify this product” and the question is usually accompanied by a photo of the number stamped into the slide.

Identifying an Accuride slide

Accuride do not stamp any of our products with the part numbers.

Some slides, like the 3832 series, have a patent number on the member alongside the company name. For the other slides the first 4 digits relate to their time of manufacture.

For example, my most recent request was to identify the Accuride part number 10 93.

This is not an Accuride part number, but the date stamp for the time of manufacture, which in this case is 10 for October and 93 for the year 1993.

10 = October
93 = 1993

So please remember that the numbers are not related to the product series number – only to the date of manufacture.

However, please keep your photos coming.

Make sure that they show the complete slide and all of its ‘fit, form and function’ detail and that you include the slide height, width, length and travel.

We will try to do our best to identify what we can and keep your applications moving forward.

[email protected]

Read more on how to identify an Accuride slide.

5th May 2016

I asked our engineering manager, John, and he has put together a list of products with their operating temperature range.

The following products have no plastic parts in their construction and can be used in temperatures between -20 and 110°C.

Product series Extension Max. load rating kg
DZ0201 75% 50
DZ2026 75% 2-way travel 50
DZ6026 75% 2-way travel 100
DZ2415 Linear motion 18
DZ2421 75% 16
DZ2431 100% 20
DZ0301 100% 70
DZ0522 100% 180
DA4120 75% 438/550
DA4140 100% 400/600
DA4160 100% 300

DS3031 stainless steel telescopic slide for high temperature applications

The DS3031 stainless steel telescopic slide has been designed especially for high temperatures and can be used in applications with a maximum temperature of 300°C.

Slides with plastic parts

Other product series have plastic parts in their construction, so are therefore restricted to a temperature range of -20 to 70°C.

Slide series with Easy Close (EC) dampers are restricted to a temperature range of 10 to 40°C.

Accuride’s electronic lock products (EL) are restricted to a temperature range of 0 to 50°C.

If you need advice on which slide to use for your application please write to us at [email protected]

John Whittlesea

Can an Accuride full-extension drawer slide be used as a flat mounted slide?

Author: John Whittlesea, Technical support manager

16th Mar 2016

Some full-extension (100% travel) slides can be flat (horizontally) mounted, but there will be a reduction in their load bearing capacity.

Typically this will reduce to 25% of the side mounted load rating.

For example, if we state that a side mounted slide can take a 100kg load, then the load will be reduced to 25kg if it is flat mounted.

Look for this symbol on the datasheet to see if the slide can be used in this orientation.

The Accuride 100% extension slides that can be flat mounted are:

DS0330, DZ3301, DZ3307, DZ3308, DZ0301, DZ0305, DS0305, DS3031, DZ3507, DZ5417, DZ7957, DZ9301, DP9301.

Some of our 75% extension slides can also be used in the horizontal position. See the individual datasheets for more information.

Read more about horizontal mounting here.

John Whittlesea

I have a metal cabinet and drawers – how do I attach the drawer slides?

Author: John Whittlesea, Technical support manager

11th Jan 2016

The easiest and most popular way of fitting slides into metal cabinets is by using runners with bayonet lancings.

Accuride stock 3 slides for easy fitting in metal cabinets:

The bayonet lancings on both the cabinet and drawer members fit snugly into pre-cut square slots. The dimensions change depending on the slide series, so download the correct installation guide from the website for more help.

The DZLADD brackets can also be used inside the cabinet – these provide ready-made slots for the lancings to fit into. Watch this video to find out how the ladder brackets work.

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