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Sue Witkowski

More movies please – the use of product animation online

Author: Sue Witkowski, Marketing services manager

3rd Oct 2016

We have noticed that more and more people prefer to watch a movie of how our products work.

Understanding some of the technical elements and functions of telescopic and linear slides becomes so much easier when they are illustrated and animated.

We are increasingly using animation to get inside the slide operation to help our customers choose the correct telescopic or linear slide for their application.

The videos are also used to train our distributors and, in turn, to be used by them on their own websites to assist their customers.

Accuride International YouTube Channel

The Accuride YouTube channel was established several years ago and we started the project by filming our own homemade ‘how to’ videos. Gradually we are replacing these with more sophisticated videos using 3D animation.

Animation has been the chosen medium since this format can do more than just show the product. We have been able to use our 3D CAD product drawings (available through the website) as a basis for movies that allow the viewer to really understand the products’ movement and features.

Why we’re using animation

For example, trying to explain in words how to separate a slide using a disconnect lever and then to re-assemble the slide correctly is almost impossible. Even line drawings and photographs are not clear enough to help. Being able to move the slide around on screen and show the moving parts has explained the disconnect feature and stopped the reconnection issues that some customers were experiencing.

Some of the movies show the slides in typical applications. This helps to illustrate the endless possibilities of how a telescopic or linear slide can be used.

Accuride is now fully committed to this medium and we expect to produce many more movies over the coming years. Subscribe here to keep up to date as new videos are added to the channel.

Please make your suggestions for new videos by emailing us [email protected].

Peter Baxter

What’s the difference between ball bearing slides used for industrial and woodworking projects?

Author: Peter Baxter, European sales director, distribution channel

5th Sep 2016

Accuride slides are typically used across many industries and applications and it doesn’t really matter if these are industrial or woodworking projects.

However, we sometimes design slides specifically for an application and this is mainly when we are manufacturing bespoke slides.

Some of our slides are more suited to one type of industry, for example, very heavy duty slides with shock blocks are used where vibration could be an issue, or some very thin slides are made for use in electronic servers.

Some of the features incorporated into the slides will pre-select where they will be used. The DS5322 series and the DZ0522 series have very specific mounting features, as do the slide series with bayonet mountings. These features dictate the type of application and their suitability for mounting in steel applications, etc.

The majority of our slides are multi-purpose and have been tested to different cycle rates.

Lower cycle rates and higher load rate are more indicative of industrial applications and higher cycle rates and lower load rates are indicative of woodworking applications. These ratings are all shown on the datasheets within our catalogue.

Sue Witkowski

Driverless cars: impact on design and driver

Author: Sue Witkowski, Marketing services manager

18th Jul 2016

No longer a futuristic luxury, driverless cars are now very much a thing of the present. With companies such as Mercedes, Bentley and Tesla all introducing their concepts to the public, automotive design is changing at a rapid pace.

A Business Solution

It isn’t just manufacturers who are getting involved with autonomous vehicles; companies such as Google and Uber are utilising this emerging technology to increase their business offering.

An issue Uber is currently facing is the lack of drivers to keep up with demand. Autonomous technology not only combats this, it also opens up the opportunity to increase the efficiency of their business.

The Idea

BMW’s 100th Birthday celebration was the chosen platform to introduce their new research vehicle, Vision 100. This works to ‘maintain an emotional connection between the machine and its driver in a world where self-driving cars are expected to be the norm.’

With 48% of people saying they would not purchase a car they liked if the technology was too hard to use, it is important to maintain this relationship between driver and vehicle.

Volvo’s CEO also released a statement with their introduction of Concept 26 accepting ‘full liability whenever one of our cars is in autonomous mode’ meaning there is a realisation that with this generation of cars comes the need to prioritise safety and reliability.

Aspects of Design

Integrated design brings these concepts to life - combining the best of biomimicry with classic construction in one harmonious design. 4D printing is incorporated to add a responsive element to design, enabling adaptive responsive behaviour to bring the structure to life. Combine this with geometric symmetry, innovative materials and colour pallets that are inspired-by-nature, and you have the next generation of seamless automotive design.

LED lighting, which adds a three dimensional depth to aspects of the design, plus rotating and reclining chairs for both passenger and driver all bring an enhanced level of travelling experience. All passengers, including the ‘driver’ can relax comfortably as they head to their destination. As drivers, we will have access to more spare time while in the car.

Many of these concepts operate using a range of ‘modes’ to determine which elements of the car can operate at any given time. Whether introducing screens to watch films or the news or allowing the driver’s seat to recline horizontally to get comfortable, this breed of intelligent car takes away the stress that can go with driving.

Opening Opportunities

Self-driving cars have the ability to take 80% of cars off of the road, according to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology report, improving traffic conditions through cities and built up areas. This technology also has the advantage of offering independence for those with visual impairments or disabilities, where driving hasn’t been an option before. So potentially these autonomous vehicles will not only reduce traffic and significantly reduce accident rates, but also create the opportunity for independence.

Moving Forward

This technology is adapting quickly. It is anticipated that the fully autonomous car, where passengers can go from A – B without human interaction, will start to be seen on our streets from 2019.

But before these can be introduced for consumer use, there are still a few kinks which need to be worked out. Night driving and trickier road conditions such as rain, fog and ice mean there is still a long road ahead before this technology will be easily accessible on the automotive market.

Public trial for driverless cars beginning in Milton Keynes. 11 October 2016

20th Jun 2016

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked, is “can you identify this product” and the question is usually accompanied by a photo of the number stamped into the slide.

Identifying an Accuride slide

Accuride do not stamp any of our products with the part numbers.

Some slides, like the 3832 series, have a patent number on the member alongside the company name. For the other slides the first 4 digits relate to their time of manufacture.

For example, my most recent request was to identify the Accuride part number 10 93.

This is not an Accuride part number, but the date stamp for the time of manufacture, which in this case is 10 for October and 93 for the year 1993.

10 = October
93 = 1993

So please remember that the numbers are not related to the product series number – only to the date of manufacture.

However, please keep your photos coming.

Make sure that they show the complete slide and all of its ‘fit, form and function’ detail and that you include the slide height, width, length and travel.

We will try to do our best to identify what we can and keep your applications moving forward.

[email protected]

Read more on how to identify an Accuride slide.

5th May 2016

I asked our engineering manager, John, and he has put together a list of products with their operating temperature range.

The following products have no plastic parts in their construction and can be used in temperatures between -20 and 110°C.

Product series Extension Max. load rating kg
DZ0201 75% 50
DZ2026 75% 2-way travel 50
DZ6026 75% 2-way travel 100
DZ2415 Linear motion 18
DZ2421 75% 16
DZ2431 100% 20
DZ0301 100% 70
DZ0522 100% 180
DA4120 75% 438/550
DA4140 100% 400/600
DA4160 100% 300

DS3031 stainless steel telescopic slide for high temperature applications

The DS3031 stainless steel telescopic slide has been designed especially for high temperatures and can be used in applications with a maximum temperature of 300°C.

Slides with plastic parts

Other product series have plastic parts in their construction, so are therefore restricted to a temperature range of -20 to 70°C.

Slide series with Easy Close (EC) dampers are restricted to a temperature range of 10 to 40°C.

Accuride’s electronic lock products (EL) are restricted to a temperature range of 0 to 50°C.

If you need advice on which slide to use for your application please write to us at [email protected]

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